Los Angeles: Annual Women for Israel Luncheon

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Join us for our luncheon celebrating your dedication and commitment to the land and people of Israel. Enjoy an intimate conversation with two of the leading female Zionist voices of today, Amy Albertson & Eve Barlow.

Amy Albertson, Creator, “The Asian Israeli”
Eve Barlow, Music & Pop Culture JournalistEVENT CHAIRS
Dr. Marcia Selz, Laura Stein &Susie ToczekWOMEN FOR ISRAEL STEERING COMMITTEE
Sara Cannon, Chair, Women for Israel
Frances Bilak, Co-Chair, Sapphire Society
Maureen Shapiro, Co-Chair, Sapphire Society
Betsy Rosenthal, Co-Chair, Chai Society
Terre Steinbeck, Co-Chair, Chai Society
Cheryl J. Kagan, Co-Chair, Women’s Alliance
Sharon Wiener, Co-Chair, Women’s Alliance
Rachel Herman, Chair, JNFuture Women for IsraelMORE INFORMATION
Quentin Ozeri, Associate Director, Greater Los Angeles
qozeri@jnf.org ∙ 323.964.1400 x960
JNF–USA requires all attendees, staff and vendors to provide proof of vaccination upon entry to the event.


For full Covid protocols, visit jnf.org/LAWFILuncheon 



Event by Jewish National Fund – USAThe Beverly Hilton

Tickets: www.jnf.org/events-landing-pages/LA-women-for-israel-luncheon

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